World Press Photo 2009


logo picObjective Reality Foundation presents the WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2009 exhibition at the Moscow’s ‘Red October’ (former chocolate factory) June 27th through July 27th.

This unique traveling exhibition is the result of a worldwide annual largest and most prestigious contest in photojournalism and covers the most important events and issues raised over the previous year. The exhibition is shown in 2009 at about 100 venues all over the world and contains 196 photographs. The event provides an independent platform for discussion and encourages the development of contemporary photography with the highest quality of the showcased photojournalism. In 2009 the jury awarded prizes in 10 categories to 62 photographers from 27 countries. An image by American photographer Anthony Suau was selected as the World Press Photo of the Year 2008. There are three Russian photographers among the winners: Yuri Kozyrev, Alexander Taran, and Alexey Bushov. Objective Reality Foundation is a Moscow-based non-profit organization that produces educational and exhibition projects and explores the power of visual communication in delivering important social issues to the wide public. The Foundation has been bringing the World Press Photo exhibition to Russia for the past 3 years. Master classes by the winning photographers Anthony Suau and Guillaume Herbaut will be held on June 27th at 6 pm. Address: Red October, Bersenevskaya embankement, 6/3, Caramel Hall, 4th floor Further information at the Foundation’s website


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