Eid Reunion at Bangladesh Embassy

On 19th of November,2011 a colorful Eid Reunion party was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Bangladesh Embassy of Moscow.Bangladesh Ambassador to Russia, Dr. SM Saiful Hoque welcomed the respected guests and urged the Bangladeshi community to withstand the spirit of fraternity and amity of holy Eid and to remain united abroad absolving all kinds of differences.A large number of the community members along with their family members, irrespective of their religious and political beliefs, attended the reception. To add to the festivities, a cultural programme was arranged with the spontaneous participation of the local Bangladeshi,Indian & Russian artists.


2 thoughts on “Eid Reunion at Bangladesh Embassy

  1. The post is good, but the all of the artists who participated in the cultural program were not local Bangladeshi’s. As I can recall, about half of them were non- Bangladeshi’s. Incidentally, I myself am one of them.

    1. Dear Dada,i think now it’s ok.Please don’t take the post as an official news or press release.It’s just only for my Blog!.
      Thanks for visiting.

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